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Peggo Apk: Complete Installation Guide

Peggo Installation: Complete Guide

Peggo is a Digital Video Recorder that helps the user to record from YouTube and SoundCloud in either MP3 or MP4 format. The special features present in the application has helped Peggo become very popular in no time. It provides the most easiest way to record your favorite videos from YouTube, world’s second biggest search engine.

The application also provides various options to the user to record in his most favored way and quality. Once Peggo is installed, the using of the application is quite easy in your smartphone. However, the procedure to install could be quite complicated if you are not aware of installing applications outside Playstore.

Here we present a step to step guide to install Peggo Apk which is being also provided on our website

To install Peggo Apk, you need to allow the option to enable installation from Unknown Sources. By enabling this option, you will have access to install applications that are not present in Google Playstore.

To allow access to applications from Unknown Sources, Open Settings


In Settings,you will need to go to Security section

In Security tab, there is the option to enable installation from Unknown Sources

Confirm on the prompt by clicking on OK

The installation can now be allowed. Download the Peggo Apk for the below link

Peggo Apk Download

Peggo Tv Download

Peggo Apk Download (Mirror)

Peggo Apk Download (Mirror)


After downloading the Apk from the above links, open Downloads from the home screen on your smart phone.


Select the Peggo Apk in your downloads and click on it to install it


Once the application is installed you can enjoy the vast features of Peggo on your mobile phone. Here is the demo of the home screen on Peggo app.

Peggo Apk

First and foremost thing to use Peggo application is to have a high speed internet connection. Once you have proper internet, you can dwell into the application and use its features.

On the home screen, you can type your search keyword and get proper suggestions before going to the search results (which are powered by YouTube). There is also option to paste a link from YouTube or SoundCloud and the options to record will appear right away.

If you are in search results, then you will have to select the appropriate video that you want to record. Once you choose the video in YouTube, then you will have all the options to record the video.

In the bottom of the screen, you will have two options namely “Record Audio” and “Record Video”. If you want MP3 to listen, then you choose the option to record in audio and for MP4 format it is recording in video.

There are multiple quality frequencies in audio which are 64 Kbps, 96 Kbps, 128 Kbps, 192 Kbps and 256 Kbps. Whereas for Video format, Peggo also provides multiple resolutions for the user to record. The resolutions include 144p, 240p, 360p. 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Download the Peggo Apk Here And Enjoy The Application.

Peggo Apk Download

Peggo Apk Download (Mirror)


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