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Peggo Apk

Peggo Apk: There has been many audio and video cutters that are available online but Peggo beats them all. The application helps the user to record the videos in real time from YouTube and SoundCloud.

It is very easy to use and his incredible features has helped the application to become very popular over the past few years. Music is something that people always crave for and Peggo helped people record videos and audios at high qualities in the least possible time.

One of the major reasons why Peggo became so liked among the users is its interface. It provides a whole list of videos for any search query by loading the appropriate search results. The application also provides vast range of qualities for both audio and video which helps user to download the audio/video according to the storage in his smartphone.

Peggo Apk

The features of Peggo has helped it become popular very quickly. The application has the features that will help the user to record his favorite video in MP3 or MP4 format in no time. There is also a popular feature that is used to record between specific timings from the YouTube or SoundCloud content.

Some of the major features provided by Peggo are

  • High quality MP3s:  Provides highest quality MP3s from 64 Kbps to 256 Kbps.
  • Record videos, too
  • Silence removal: Removes Silence at beginning/ending of the video to provide better user experience.
  • Volume normalization: Ensures every recording is at the same volume.
  • Metadata discovery: Fills ideal meta data likehe album, album art, and release date, if available for a particular audio track.
  • Subtrack support
  • ID3 tags
  • No obnoxious advertisements: No annoying pop ups or pop under ads in the application
  • Real-time recording: Records audio/video dynamically
  • Integrated search
  • Bookmarklet

There are plenty of alternatives to Peggo online but nothing has the features that Peggo gives to the user. The using of the application is quite simple and needs minimal assistance or technical help to get going.

Peggo’s bookmarklet, which is a unique feature in the APK, is a little snippet of code that helps the user to load the video with just a click. You can download almost any video in the vast YouTube library with ease using Peggo and with minimal of efforts. Download the Peggo Apk from the below link and start recording your favorite videos.

Download Here

Peggo Apk Download

Peggo Tv Download

Peggo Apk Download (Mirror)

Peggo Apk Download (Mirror)

Once the audio is recorded, the file will be present in the apps download tab and can be listened using Google Play Music and the video can be viewed through the default video player. This is the only drawback in the application as Peggo do not have a default media player with in the application

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