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Peggo App For iOS/iPhone/iPad: Complete Guide To Use

Peggo For iOS/iPhone/iPad: Complete Guide To Use

Peggo is the go to application to convert the videos from YouTube and SoundCloud into music/audio. It has garnered lot of popularity among the users for its unique features which had been the reason for stupendous quality in output. Here is how you can get access to Peggo for iOS devices which include both iPhone and iPad.

Since Peggo is an android application, it is not present in across any device that has iOS. But we can still use this application using the below steps. Once you are finished with this article, you will have a clear idea on how to utilize the potential of Peggo in your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Please ensure that the device contains good internet speed to use the Peggo app.
  2. Once the internet connection is checked, open your default browser and follow this link.
  3. The link will lead you to the web version of Peggo app which is available across all platforms.
  4. There will be a search box present in the home page, you can either search for the video or directly paste the link into the box.
    • If you want to search for a video, give the keyword of your video and you will be getting all potential keyword suggestions while tying just like YouTube search.
      • Once the keyword is selected, click enter which will lead to a page full of search results that are powered by YouTube search engine.
    • On the other hand, to paste the link, you will need to copy the link to the clipboard from YouTube or SoundCloud and hit enter.
  5. The video will then needed to be selected, there will be two options at the bottom of the page which read “Record Audio” and “Record Video”
  6. Choose the appropriate format and start downloading.
  7. You can make a list of videos that you want to select and download them directly from Peggo using the browser.

This is how you can get the best out of Peggo in iOS devices which include iPhone and iPad. The application needs no additional registration to use it in iOS devices which makes it even easier to do the recording.


Peggo provides the opportunity to easily download the videos for all iOS users as well. Despite being an android app, Peggo also has a web version which helps users from other platforms and devices use the tool to make the most while recording the videos.

The special features provided by Peggo coupled by the ease of recording makes the application a must try for everyone.


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  1. Can I download peggo app from my iPhone 7+?.
    I need your help because I love peggo. I no longer have man Android phone. Please help
    Sincerely Pinky

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